The Bardo Road Kindergarten Team

  • Amy, Owner


    I believe that the Early Childhood years are vital in promoting a young child’s development and in forming the attitudes and skills that will serve them throughout their lives. With this, I aim to be a Educator who will provide an homely environment and program that is not only stimulating and challenging, but also provides the children with a warm and supportive atmosphere which the children can grow and learn, be inclusive of all and experiment on building their strengths at their own pace.

  • Sarah T, Director

    Sarah T

    Qualification: Diploma

    My name is Sarah and I have been working in early childhood for the last 25 years.

    I aim to provide a warm, safe, caring, stimulating environment that meets the developmental needs of all children. I seek to know each child based on observations and interaction and provide experiences that meet each child's unique interests and development. I believe that play is essential to young children's learning and all children should be given time to grow, to try and experience success so they are able to face the future challenges, build on their strengths and except their individual limitation without fear of failure or loss of self-esteem.

    Each family is different and unique, I will be sensitive to an array of circumstances, parenting styles, beliefs, families living situation, family's cultures, family structures and be inclusive of all family ethnicity and additional needs.

    I will provide a high quality Early Childhood Program and an environment which will promote and support the children's Physical, Social, Emotional and Cognitive development.

    I believe Child Care Services should be a happy place where children, laugh, play, have fun and where children can be children develop self-confidence, feel valued and connect with others to develop relationships.

    I have completed the following courses:

    • Munch and move
    • Child protection
    • Supporting early language and literacy through road safety
    • OHS in children's services
    • Asthma and Anaphylaxis
    • Kids talk 1&2
    • First Aid
    • Transition from childcare to school

  • Gina, Educator


    Qualification:  Certificate III

    I aim to provide an environment that will help children to grow and express themselves freely giving them a sense of being, belonging and becoming. I feel this can be achieved through providing a nurturing, safe and secure environment. I believe children are able to grow, learn and develop through play-based learning. By providing educational, age appropriate and stimulating activities for each child's individual interests and needs.

    I believe it is important to form a relationship with parents so you can communicate and collaborate together to provide an environment that can meet their child's needs.

    Qualifications include: Certificate III in Children's Services, First Aid, Emergency Management for Asthma and Anaphylaxis, Child Protection

  • Grace Tatam, Educational Leader

    Grace Tatam
  • Mia Burlinson, Diploma

    Mia Burlinson